Dymetrol® Suspension Fabrics

Dymetrol® High-Performance Suspension Fabrics and Seating Support Systems

DuPont™ Dymetrol® seating fabrics and support systems provide automotive, boat, aircraft, and furniture designers and manufacturers with reliable solutions for their customized seating products.

Dymetrol® Suspension Fabric 

DuPont Filaments produces a high-strength durable monofilament that is combined with a textile yarn to produce an engineered woven fabric. The result is lightweight seating fabric with exceptional elastic properties and comfort features.

Seating Support Systems

Development of a uniquely durable and stretchy fabric led DuPont to invent Dymetrol® suspension fabric.

Seating designers take advantage of the elastic nature of the fabric to eliminate metal springs and other parts without sacrificing comfort. Fewer parts, lower costs and lighter system weight are all key benefits in technologically advanced auto, aircraft and modern furniture markets.