Makeup Artists’ Opinion of Natrafil®

Expert Makeup Artists Give Their Opinion of Natrafil®

Opinion Shaped by Over 20 Years of Experience 

Jody Formica tested a variety of brushes created with Natrafil® filaments and shared how it feels to work with them. “I was very excited about testing and working with brushes made with Natrafil®. I usually work with natural hair because the pickup and pay off performance are much higher than with synthetic fibers when using powders. Natrafil® exceeded my expectations! All brushes made with Natrafil® filaments perform as well as natural hair, if not better. Each brush has its own properties in terms of stiffness, density, precision, pickup and release performance as well as coverage, offering lots of flexibility and infinite possibilities,"  said Formica.

Multipurpose Tested by Professionals 

Jody’s unique signature is blending - achieving shaded off makeup, going seamlessly from one tone or color to another. This technique depends strongly on using the right tools.Thanks to its micro-structured surface, Natrafil® filaments retain the formula up to skin contact which allows for optimum precision. “To create a multicolored eye makeup effect, it is essential to place each color exactly where needed, without dropping any product. Natrafil® filaments make powders less volatile; there is no unwanted product falling off under the eye. This is especially important during public performances where any mistakes or smudges would be noticed immediately. Natrafil® filaments are really multipurpose; they enable high precision for applying any formula, creams and powders, and also facilitate the blending performance for fantastic results,”  said Formica. 

Finding a Better Balance Between the Applicator and the Makeup Product

DuPont Filaments created a unique database in collaboration with other experts:

  • Strand Cosmetics Europe, expert in skin care and makeup products
  • Louise Wittlich, makeup artist
  • Anisa International, brush design and production

30 different textures were tested, resulting in creation of 56 different makeup combinations which were evaluated based on numerous criteria, such as coverage, luminosity, wear, brush design, rigidity of the fibers, ease of pick-up and application of the makeup product. Such synergies between makeup experts who have the inspiration to share their competencies help in developing new cosmetic solutions that meet brand owners’, designers’ and beauty manufacturers’ needs for innovation, turning their dreams into a reality.     

Natrafil® Relies on Professional Opinion 

“The collaboration with the professional makeup community is critical in the development of brushes”, said Sarah Perreard, DuPont™ Natrafil® product manager. “Working with makeup artists allows us to understand not only the brushes, but also how Natrafil® performance-in-use can bring value to the makeup application, how it interacts with specific formulas under specific brush designs, and thus allows us to help brands in their brush developments.”  commented Perreard.