Paintbrush Filaments

High-Quality Paintbrush Filaments

With over 50 years of continuing product innovations, you can leverage the expertise of DuPont Filaments to help you develop quality products for all of your paintbrush requirements.

Superior Performance and Endurance 

Long-lasting, premium quality Tynex®, Chinex®, and Orel® brand filaments from DuPont offer a variety of synthetic filament options for all your paintbrush applications. Solid round tapered (SRT) nylon and polyester filaments from DuPont provide superior product pick-up and absorb less water for smooth, even paint release over time.

Maximum Design Flexibility

DuPont filaments enhance your ability to design versatile and innovative products with specially engineered shapes and textures to meet your specific product development requirements. With extensive choices of tapered ends, textured “flag” ends, variable length or beveled tips, brush manufacturers can customize designs to meet their specific needs.

Trusted Manufacturing Expertise

DuPont filaments are specifically engineered and packaged to ensure easy processing in your brushmaking equipment. With tight diameter control and proprietary surface finish, you can count on maximum throughput in high-speed brush machines. Strict adherence to ISO 9002 manufacturing standards means you can expect consistent quality every time. With a broad range of filaments and manufacturing expertise to maximize your production efficiency, DuPont Filaments is a partner you can trust.


With access to DuPont representatives and facilities in over 70 countries, we have the manufacturing capabilities and technical know-how to support your exact paintbrush filaments requirements.