Because You Imagined...

“Plastics shaping the future” is the K 2016 slogan. At DuPont Performance Materials, we couldn’t agree more!

We know from our history and legacy that the future can be shaped with our materials. That is exactly what we did when we disrupted the industrial landscape through the invention of Nylon back in 1935! We obviously didn't stop there, we have a legacy of scientific and engineering world class know-how that culminated in the invention of other landmark products such as DuPont™ Delrin®, DuPont™ Surlyn® or the most recent portfolio of bio-sourced materials such as DuPont™ Zytel® RS or DuPont™ Sorona® EP.

Our customers have been, are and will continue to be our inspiration to push the limits of science and engineering to help give shape to smart ideas.

Engineering plastics have a very promising future. These versatile polymers can virtually replace metal in any application to improve its design, enhance its performance, lower its cost and ultimately to conserve precious finite resources.

At DuPont, we have been the pioneers giving shape to the plastics industry as we know it today. Join us at K2016! Learn how we will continue to shape the future of plastics. Better yet, come learn how we can partner with you to give shape to your wildest ideas!

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