Electrical Insulation Polymers

DuPont Performance Polymers for Electrical Insulation

Proven material solutions to meet stringent electrical product safety requirements through UL/CSA/IEC compliance

DuPont is the global leader in offering both material and electrical insulation systems (EIS) which comply to UL and IEC temperature Class B (130C) to Class N (200C) with test voltage under 1000volt. With a strong heritage in polymer science, DuPont has helped drive market innovation for today’s complex electrical and electronic components. Whether you are making transformers, inverters, motors, relays, solenoids, lighting ballasts, toroids or chokes, DuPont Performance Polymers has a solution for you. Our engineering polymers are almost sure to meet your particular needs for temperature performance, dimensional stability, thermal cycling capability, oil/solvent resistance, moldability, environmental and health (non-halogenated* flame retardant), and more.

When you’re designing products that require Electrical Insulation Systems (EIS), DuPont can make your product development faster and easier in meeting end product safety testing and certification. That’s because we offer the industry’s widest choice of EIS that have been pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL1446) and jointly recognized to IEC-60085 standards. Visit the UL IQ database to review all of our systems, or use our EIS Selector tool which features some of our systems which are commonly used in the market.

*Non-halogenated or halogen-free are defined according to JPCA-ES-01, IEC 61249-2-21, IPC 4101-B specifications.