DuPont™ Liveo™ Silicone Skin Adhesives


The right adhesive for the right application

Liveo™ offers an extensive range of adhesive solutions based on the benefits of silicone chemistry, such as biocompatibility, gentleness to skin, breathability and wear performance. 

• Soft skin adhesives (SSAs): Our SSAs, typically used in advanced wound care and increasingly in wearables, were the market’s first

• Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSAs): Our PSAs serve a wide range of applications, including wearables, prosthetics and ostomy

• Transdermal adhesives (BIO-PSAs): We are a leading supplier for silicone-based transdermal adhesives for controlled drug delivery

• Adhesive removers: DuPont offers a range of silicone solutions - used as carriers for sprays or wipes - to clean traces of adhesives



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