Transdermal Drug Delivery


The right material for the right application

From hormone therapy to central-nervous-system-related pathologies and more, DuPont™ Liveo™ silicone adhesives and excipients can meet your transdermal drug delivery system needs.
Usually involving pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) as a patch fixation system and/or drug matrix, drug delivery patches are designed to deliver a therapeutically effective amount of drug across a patient’s skin to efficiently treat targeted diseases.
These patches typically require drug and formulation dependent properties, such as: 
• Good adhesion profile for the application period 
• Adequate drug loading
• Manageable patch size 
• Sufficient skin flux of the drug 
• Sufficient control of the delivery rate to avoid overdosing 
• Depletion rate over the designed dosage period 
Our teams work with customers to develop customized Liveo™ BIO-PSA adhesive solutions for their specific needs and provide the regulatory and toxicology support appropriate to the applications.

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