Critical Fluid Transport


Exacting purity

Bioprocessing tubing and overmolded assemblies represent the largest surface area in direct contact with drug substances and products during the drug manufacturing process. Consequently, they need to meet strict regulatory and quality requirements. 
The quality of bioprocessing tubing and assemblies is contingent upon the entire manufacturing process, including elastomer compounding and tubing extrusion.

DuPont™ Liveo™ Pharma silicone tubing and overmolded assemblies are thoroughly tested, traceable and comprehensively documented, reducing the risk of contamination in biopharma processing applications such as:
• Single-use systems
• Peristaltic pumps
• Upstream and downstream
• Fill and finish

Liveo™ tubing products can also be used in the transfer process of pharmaceutical fluids, intermediates, air, steam, water, food or beverages.

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