Innovating for a more sustainable healthcare future

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) – which shape our product portfolio, our operations strategy, and our commitment to our people and communities – the Liveo sustainability strategy is grounded in our purpose to create essential healthcare innovations that enable patients to thrive. Making these goals a reality is important and requires long-term planning, commitment and creativity.

Our sustainability roadmap includes projects and actions targeting customer-driven innovation for a sustainable product range, decarbonization of the supply chain and integration of green chemistry principles.

We are working toward a more sustainable and healthy future. Won’t you join us?


Partnering with customers to deliver sustainable solutions

Low-cyclic products and innovations to support sustainability
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    Manufacturing flexibility and supply chain localization

    • The third United Nations Sustainable Development Goal highlights the importance of protecting good health and well-being. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought vaccine development into focus, healthcare needs are evolving constantly. Liveo biopharma processing solutions enable manufacturers and innovators to create cutting-edge treatments to protect patient health.

    • Upon request and under CDA, Liveo offers life cycle analysis (LCA) of our pharma tubing, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), and skin sensitive adhesives (SSA), allowing manufacturers a cradle-to-grave look at the products – from raw material extraction through production.  We also are developing such analyses of other products, including our Liveo Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) and Liveo Emulsions.


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