Topical Drug Delivery


Meeting your needs for innovation, improved efficacy and regulatory compliance

DuPont™ Liveo™ can assist you in improving patient compliance, with silicone technologies, formulation expertise and regulatory support to help you accelerate the development and approval of topical drug delivery solutions that meet patients’ needs for comfort, convenience and protection.
DuPont provides a reliable global supply of reputable, cost-effective silicone-based topical excipients and ingredients –manufactured specifically for healthcare applications – with proven aesthetics and functional film characteristics, such as breathability and substantivity.
Accelerate the development of your consumer healthcare and medical device topical formulations with a broad range of Liveo™ silicone-based solutions.


Silicone Excipients

Excipients that allow you to formulate innovative solutions for the efficient delivery of your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in topical forms like creams, lotions, gels, ointments, sprays or sticks.


Silicone Ingredients

Ingredients to support innovation and regulatory compliance in the consumer topical healthcare market. 


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