Preparing an Invoice


We recognize that our suppliers play a crucial role in our overall success. For this reason, we are dedicated to building strong business relationships with them. We strive to ensure timely payment and efficient payment processes. However, we cannot accomplish this alone. We ask our suppliers to adhere to our invoicing requirements and submit invoices promptly to the correct legal entity to avoid any payment disruptions or delays. Please review our requirements and instructions carefully to ensure the successful submission of your invoice(s).​



Each DuPont legal entity has specific instructions, and you must invoice the correct DuPont Legal Entity to prevent rejection. The legal entity information is listed at the top of every Purchase Order, and we strongly recommend that you also reference our Legal Entity Search to ensure the legal entity information has not changed since the Purchase Order was issued. ​

The preferred language of invoices is English* and must include:​

  • DuPont Purchase Order (PO) number: Ensure the invoice matches the Purchase Order or your prior Order Confirmation statement. Reference your PO and PO line item for accurate information. Incorrect PO reference numbers will result in the rejection of the invoice.​

  • For Non-Purchase Orders: Ensure the invoice references your DuPont contact for timely processing. For any other queries related to raising an invoice, work with your DuPont contact.​

  • Identifying number: invoice number​

  • Invoice date: The invoice receipt date will be that of the receipt of a correct invoice at the correct Accounts Payable department. Therefore, invoices must be submitted to the appointed Accounts Payable department only and NOT to a specific DuPont contact person. Your DuPont contact person should be listed inside the invoice. ​

  • Supplier's name and address (must match PO)​

  • Customer's name and address (DuPont legal entity)​

  • Details of the materials or services provided: materials and services must be invoiced on separate lines and must reference the appropriate PO line item number​

  • Material quantity (must be same UOM as PO and not exceed 3 decimals)​

  • Price of goods or services (must be the same currency as the PO)​

  • Additional miscellaneous charges (e.g., sales tax, freight) must be separate items on the invoice​

*China, Korea, Japan & Taiwan, and wherever legally required, invoices submitted in the regional/local language will be accepted.


Submitting an Electronic Invoice

The preferred method for sending an invoice is to use electronic invoices (email). Where legally required, we will also accept paper invoices. The addresses for email, fax, and paper can be found in the Legal Entity Search.

  • It is important that you only submit invoices to one email address. Submission to multiple addresses (individually or as CC) causes delays in processing and payment. Do not submit invoices to the helpdesk. ​

  • The email submission mailbox is only for invoice submission (rush requests, payment requests, queries, etc., will not be considered). ​

  • The email subject line should include the vendor name and the country of the invoice.  ​

  • Invoices should be submitted as PDF file attachments. Please do not send zip files.​

  • Please note that we accept only one PDF attachment per email. ​

  • Please submit only one invoice per PDF attachment. ​

  • PDF files must not be password protected or encrypted. ​

  • The file size is limited to 10 MB. Our systems will reject larger attachments. You may not receive notice that the email did not go through, so it's important to check the file size before submitting it. ​

  • Send the invoice only after delivery of goods and/or completion of services to DuPont.​

  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the Purchase Order. ​

  • EXCEPTION: If you have received an ERS order, which is explicitly mentioned in the Purchase Order, you should NOT submit an invoice.​


Legal Entity Directory

Find contact information for invoice submission, accounts payable helpdesk, and procurement specialist. ​

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