Grease like silicone materials provide light-duty sealing and lubricating

Discover the versatility of MOLYKOTE™ brand silicone compounds for industrial sealing and lubricating applications involving light loads and metals, plastics, glass or rubber.

Seal and lubricate with proven silicone performance

Proven effective over decades of use worldwide, MOLYKOTE™ brand silicone compounds are versatile problem-solvers in challenging industrial sealing and lubricating uses. The grease like materials with silicone fluids and inert silica fillers provide good resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining key properties over a wide temperature range.

Consider using these Smart Lubrication™ solutions for:

  • Release agents on plastics and elastomers
  • O-ring assembly lubricants
  • Dual-purpose lubricants and sealants on valve packings and seats
  • Dielectric moisture barriers on electrical equipment

MOLYKOTE™ silicone compounds do not conduct electricity and can serve in a dual role as non-curing sealants and lubricants. These products are certified (NSF 61) for use in food and beverage applications, as well as uses involving potable water.