Tough Rubber-to-substrate Adhesives for the Tough Jobs

Rubber-to-substrate solutions are focused on two main application segments: anti-vibration systems (AVS) and seals. AVS solutions are designed to reduce vibrations and enhance the overall vehicle ride performance. These solutions can be used in bushings and hydro engine mounts. Our seals solutions are designed to seal against chemicals, fluids and gases. They can be used in shaft seals and cylinder head gaskets.

The AVS bonding agent portfolio which includes MEGUM™THIXON™ and ROBOND™,  meets a wide range of application requirements and offers multiple process advantages.

AVS Applications

  • Bushings (e.g., suspension, front control arm, etc.)
  • Engine mount
  • Exhaust hanger
  • Hydro engine mount
  • Powertrain/transmission systems (e.g., torsional dampers)
  • Roll restrictor

Our seals bonding agent portfolio includes solvent- and water-based systems to offer multiple process advantages.

Seals Applications

  • Cylinder heads
  • Oil seals
  • Shaft seals