Structural Adhesives Enable Lightweight Strength and Durability

Providing proven high-performance adhesive to aluminum, steel and other materials, BETAMATE™ structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping improve vehicle strength and durability, reduce weight and improve manufacturing efficiencies. More than 7 billion meters of BETAMATE™ structural adhesives have been applied by automotive manufacturers since its introduction in 1999 and commercial manufacturers are benefitting as well.

As an example of what BETAMATE can help you achieve, this is what happens when a mid-size vehicle with 50 meters of BETAMATE is operated for one year:

  • 10 kg primary mass reduction
  • 17 kg total weight savings with mass decompounding
  • .62 percent improvement in fuel efficiency
  • 32.6 kg carbon dioxide reduction


The ability to join similar and dissimilar substrates makes BETAMATE structural adhesives ideal for use in:

  • Aluminum chassis/powertrain components
  • Aluminum closures
  • Aluminum or composite roof bonding
  • Bonded seat structures
  • Cast aluminum to profile bonding
  • Cockpits
  • Composite body-in-white parts integration
  • Deck lid flanges
  • Doors
  • Engine compartments
  • Full aluminum vehicle bodies
  • Hoods
  • Load-bearing members
  • Magnesium suspension struts
  • Rails
  • Roof panels
  • Trailer flooring