Adhesives for Transdermal Drug Delivery

Transdermal drug delivery patches are becoming more popular in the consumer healthcare market as an alternative to taking a tablet. These systems are designed to deliver a therapeutically effective amount of drug through a patient’s skin to efficiently treat targeted diseases and provide pain management. Transdermal drug delivery systems need suitable adhesives to secure the patch to the skin and ensure good adhesion, proper drug loading, stability and release.

Silicone adhesives are used in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications, from hormone therapy to central nervous system-related pathologies. Dow Corning has designed a line of pressure sensitive adhesives specifically for the preparation of transdermal and topical drug delivery systems.

Our silicone-based adhesives offer:

  1. Improved efficacy in drug delivery
  2. Customization of existing technologies
  3. Biocompatibility, non-irritating, non-sensitizing
  4. Material versatility
  5. Conformability
  6. Barrier properties

Solutions to meet regulatory and toxicology requirements

We collaborate with customers to tailor silicone adhesive solutions to meet global and/or regional regulatory and toxicology requirements for transdermal delivery systems. Dow Corning is ISO 9001 Certified and compliant.

Dow Corning also has excipient and topical ingredient solutions to meet consumer health application needs for topical drug delivery systems.


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