Antifoam and Antifoam Emulsions

Simethicone antifoam compounds and emulsions are used as pharmaceutical actives in a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter gastroenterology applications. The solutions have been designed for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications which require foam suppression or inhibition, such as fermentation, maceration, percolation and mixing. Both are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients and process aids in pharmaceutical applications.

Choose the right antifoam or emulsion for your formulations

  • Antifoam Compounds: Comprised of a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane fluid and silicone dioxide for medical and pharmaceutical applications which require foam control. These can also be used as an agent to improve efficiency of ampoule and bottle filling when foaming is a problem. The low volatility of this portfolio is especially advantageous in the development of anti-flatulent or anti-flatulent/antacid tablets and other products with high temperature processing conditions.
  • Antifoam and Simethicone Emulsions: Water- dilutable, nonionic emulsion solutions which contain 30 percent simethicone by weight. These emulsions can be used as a process aid for bioprocessing, such as bioreactors, or fermentation and in the manufacture of liquid suspension for anti-flatulent and anti-gas products.