Medical Silicone Adhesives

DOW CORNING™ medical and pharmaceutical silicone adhesives can be used for a wide range of applications, including wearable monitoring devices, wound care products, medical device attachments, external prosthetic devices and specialty cosmetic applications. Our product portfolio provides solutions for transdermal drug deliverymedical device fabrication and wound care.

Choose the right adhesive for your medical application

  1. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: DOW CORNING™ offers a variety of BIO-PSA, Medical Device and Medical Grade silicone adhesives for transdermal drug delivery that are compatible with a wide range of drugs, skin permeation enhancers and other excipients in liquid or powder form.
  2. Soft Skin Adhesives: Two-part, platinum-catalyzed, filler-less, silicone elastomer adhesives designed for a range of applications in medical device fabrication, wound care and transdermal drug delivery. Our portfolio offers gentle adhesion and the ability to reposition to the skin with a low-peel release force that doesn’t cause damage or pain, yet maintains tack and adhesion after several applications. In addition, provides excellent adhesion to stainless steel or polycarbonate substrates for medical device applications.
  3. Curable Adhesives: One-component, low-slump, translucent silicone paste that is used to permanently bond elastomers, synthetics and metals for part fabrication and medical devices.