Silicone Coatings for Lubrication and Siliconization

DOW CORNING™ medical fluids, emulsions and dispersions offer high water repellency, good lubrication characteristics and low surface tension for medical and surgical lubricant solutions. Our silicone coatings can be used in a range of applications, such as siliconization for parenteral packaging components, needle and medical device lubrication, excipients for pharmaceutical or over-the-counter topical formulations, novel wound care products and oral care products.

Choose the right silicone coating for your formulation

  1. Medical Grade Fluids: Clear, colorless polydimethylsiloxane fluids which serve as a hydrophobic lubricant and demolding agent for medical devices made of glass, metal, plastic or rubber. For excipients in topical applications, DOW CORNING™ Q7-9120 silicone fluids provide lubricity and a protective coating for skin in dermatological treatments and pharmaceutical applications.
  2. Medical Grade Emulsions: A water-borne silicone fluid containing non-ionic emulsifiers and 35 percent National Formulary dimethicone. The portfolio provides excellent lubricating and release characteristics for lubrication and silicionization of glass, metals, plastics and rubber.
  3. Medical Grade Dispersion: Contains 50 percent active silicone ingredients in mixed aliphatic and isopropanol solvents used as a lubricant for cutting edges such as razor blades, scissors and hypodermic needles.