Topical Ingredients

DOW CORNING™ topical ingredients for consumer healthcare offer unique features to develop barrier creams, breathable lotions, aqueous gels, anhydrous ointments and sprays. These products serve the need for over-the-counter topical products that address scars, acne and other skin conditions to meet consumer desire to look and feel good.

Each ingredient in our portfolio is sourced from an audited supply chain to meet regulatory and industry standards for the consumer healthcare market.

Choose the right topical ingredient for your application

  1. Fluids: Our DOW CORNING™ fluids can be used in a wide range of applications, serving as a spray carrier, spreading agent, film-forming agent, lubricant and emollient. These fluids offer high volatility, excellent spreading, lubricity, water repellency, substantivity, non-occlusivity and a non-greasy after feel.
  2. Resins: Our solid resin and resin blends can be used as film formers or permeable films to provide excellent wash-off resistance, ease of formulation, sebum resistance and long-lasting properties.
  3. Emulsifiers: Designed to prepare low viscosity water-in-silicone emulsions and water-in-silicone and organic oil emulsions, our silicone emulsifiers are 100 percent active and provide formulation flexibility with a broad range of oil phases.
  4. Specialty Fluids: Our specialty fluids have a wide range of functions, including as a solubilizer and compatibilizer for active ingredients, spreading agent and dispersant for hydrophobic powder. These specialty fluids offer low use levels, water and alcohol solubility, moderate volatility and a smooth and light after feel.
  5. Blends: Our elastomer blends and gum blends can be used as a barrier film, film-forming agent, lubricant, rheology modifier and thickener for anhydrous gels and W/O emulsions to provide a wide range of benefits including: Improved sensory feel in formulation, increased wash-off resistance, substantive and long-lasting.
  6. Waxes: Our waxes are used as rheology and texture modifiers and structuring agents to provide wash-off resistance and broad compatibility with silicone and non-silicone ingredients.