Topical Solutions for Consumer Health

Consumers increasingly demand a higher quality of life and are taking charge of their health and well-being. Over-the-counter topical products that address scars, acne and other skin conditions are proliferating to meet their desire to look and feel good. As the market has grown, regulations for consumer healthcare products, particularly those which include excipients, continue to become more stringent to ensure safety and minimize risk.

Our portfolio of fluids, blends, resins, waxes and emulsifiers delivers the performance consumers expect and the regulatory compliance formulators need.

Our silicone-based topical ingredients and excipients offer:

  1. A range of product forms including aqueous gels, breathable lotions, barrier creams, anhydrous ointments, sprays and sticks
  2. Enhanced spreading and sensory aesthetics
  3. Range from non-occlusive to semi-occlusive ingredients
  4. Long-lasting effects
  5. Additional benefits of silicone excipients:
    • Improved efficacy
    • Efficient delivery of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    • Makes finished pharmaceutical dosage forms easier to apply and more aesthetically pleasing
    • Produced using key principles of pharmaceutical cGMPs

DOW CORNING™ topical ingredients and silicone excipients come with regulatory documentation and specifications to help formulators develop quality grade solutions for the following consumer healthcare needs:

  1. Acne Treatment: Silicone-based topical ingredients which enable enhanced spreading, sensory properties and long-lasting effects for acne sufferers who desire soothing and effective products for different parts of the body.
  2. Scar and Stretch Mark Management: Silicones can be considered first-line therapy for scar and stretch mark management due to the structural ability to form uniform, water-resistant films. Additionally, silicone-based formulations offer enhanced sensory feel and ease of use that can greatly improve patient compliance.
  3. Ostomy Care: Topical barrier film and adhesive removal products that are gentle, effective, pleasant-feeling and easy to use make living with an ostomy easier. Our silicone solutions reduce formulating steps, mitigate volatile-handling challenges and create products that increase patient comfort and compliance. Features like breathable film formers with good wash-off resistance for skin barrier properties as well as an efficient, non-stinging cleaning agent for adhesive removal help meet patients’ needs for convenience and protection.


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