Tubing & Molded Assemblies

DOW CORNING™ provides the expertise, support and comprehensive services needed to address today’s Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Processing fluid transfer and medical device challenges. DOW CORNING™ Pharma Tubing and Molded Assemblies for fluid transfer applications and Silastic® Medical Grade Tubing for medical device applications, offers:

  1. High-purity, biomedical grade, platinum-catalyzed silicone
  2. Strict contamination control in manufacturing facilities dedicated to healthcare applications
  3. Hydrophobic surface to cut fluid loss
  4. Custom solutions for unique needs
  5. Stability over a wide range of conditions

Choose the right tubing for your application

  1. Medical Grade Tubing: Platinum-cured silicone tubing specifically designed for use in medical devices which require precise tolerances and/or custom sizes or geometries. This portfolio offers customization, complete traceability, rigid change control and excellent flexibility.
  2. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Tubing: Translucent, platinum-cured silicone tubing for pharmaceutical, pump and reinforced tubing applications. Designed for a wide range of applications, this portfolio is ideal for ultra-pure fluid transfer as it helps reduce risk of contamination in liquids, air or steam and increases pump life in peristaltic pumps.
  3. Silastic® Laboratory Tubing: Multipurpose, translucent silicone tubing made from a highly tear-resistant platinum-cured elastomer. It is recommended for use when fluid contamination is a concern and any application that requires the transfer of high purity fluids or applications requiring a highly flexible, temperature-resistant tubing.
  4. Molded Assemblies: Single use, custom molded silicone assemblies designed for ultra-pure transfer applications in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Customized to meet specific design requirements for fluid transfer applications which require integrated premium quality silicone tubing, molded silicone connections and customer specified components.