DuPont™ Appeel® Resin is Ideal for Peelable Lidding Film Applications

DuPont™ Appeel® sealant resin meets practically any easy-open lidding film need.

More and more processed fruit products are going into containers with easy-opening, peelable lidding film.  The challenge for food companies and packaging converters is to make sure that the lidding film not only peels easily, but also seals effectively. Leaking products are not only a burden on packaging line costs; they can damage a company’s reputation if they reach the marketplace.

DuPont™ Appeel® sealant resins enable effective peelable lidding film for many applications including food and beverage. Unlike alternatives, lidding films using Appeel® as a sealant resin work consistently on all types of packages. The many benefits for packaging include:  

  • Protecting products and preventing leaks with reliable hermetic seals.
  • Providing consumers with consistent peeling, with the specified seal strength range.
  • Protecting the environment with a solvent-free coating process that dramatically lowers VOC emissions.
  • Creating more efficient package lines with fewer hang-ups and rejects.

DuPont™ Appeel® Resins Seal Consistently
To create consistent hermetic seals, Appeel® resin flows into and caulks tiny imperfections on the container rim during heat-sealing. As a ready-to-use, pre-formulated material, it avoids potential variations of in-house blends.

In addition, Appeel® resin seals reliably over a broad temperature range.

Effective Peeling
Appeel® resin delivers consistent hermetic seals in several important ways.  The wide range of grades enables companies to dial in the level of peel strength. Companies can also choose the appropriate peeling mode, such as interfacial seal failure for most products, or cohesive failure, to provide tamper-evident seals for medical supplies and devices.

Benefits for Packaging Operations
Appeel® resin has a lower seal initiation temperature compared to alternatives, which allows faster line speeds. Its broad sealing-temperature window minimizes process upsets and rejects. In addition, properly designed lidding with Appeel® resin produces no stringy filaments during lid die-cutting, unlike alternatives.