Now Offer Great-Tasting, High-Value Beverages to Consumers

DuPont products enable beverage companies to offer high-value beverages.

The beverage industry is under pressure as consumers spend less on bottled water and more on high-value beverages. DuPont Danisco® stabilizers and enzymes can help manufacturers control costs, and maintain and develop market share in a number of ways.

Reduce Fruit Costs
With expensive fruit as an obvious cost-reduction target, GRINDSTED® JU stabilizers can cut the juice content of fruit drinks. For example, a 10% fruit reduction in a mango drink provides cost savings of 23%, while maintaining the original viscosity, texture, mouth feel, and flavor release.

Offer Consumers Healthy, Tasty Homemade Beverages
With fewer consumers choosing bottled water, interest is growing in homemade-style powdered high-value beverages where plain tap water is a key ingredient. GRINDSTED® BEV 150 and GRINDSTED® Xanthan Ultra stabilizers contribute the desired sensory properties and stability.

Boost Efficiency In Beer Production
Efficient brewing performance depends, in large part, on achieving consistent mash separation. When unconverted starch is carried through, the result can be low yields and potential starch haze in the finished product. Our AMYLEX® brewing enzyme is an alpha-amylase that offers greater heat stability in the mash and cereal cooker than malt amylases, allowing shorter process times, simpler liquefaction, and higher productivity.