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With our technical expertise and transformational science applied to healthcare, DuPont Healthcare partners with the key industry players in critical healthcare applications for improved patient comfort and safety.

Introducing DuPont™ Liveo™

Building on a strong foundation of expertise and innovation, Liveo™ performance materials impact a broad range of advanced healthcare applications. 

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Today's proven healthcare industry solutions, tomorrow's innovations

Offering science-backed performance materials for a broad range of advanced healthcare applications, DuPont Healthcare uses a foundation of materials science solutions and technical expertise to:

  • improve design flexibility to enable less invasive, less complex and more comfortable next-generation devices
  • enhance connected devices and wearables with improved protection, durability and wearability 
  • enable new therapeutic topical and transdermal drug delivery solutions with regulatory compliance and support
  • facilitate cost-effective biologic drug manufacturing

We work with you to meet the healthcare industry's future needs while providing advanced technologies to help save lives and improve quality of life for patients today.


Trusted healthcare and medical industry solutions

Our broad portfolio of solutions and service excellence – including regulatory support and customer application development support – can solve your healthcare challenges.


Multifunctional LED mask combines respiratory protection and skincare benefits

DuPont™ Liveo™ medical-grade silicones give our customers the tools they need to grow and expand their product lines in new wearable and specialty medicaldevice applications. 

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Performance materials for healthcare

Advanced material solutions for healthcare components

Explore DuPont’s wide range of regulated thermoplastics for healthcare—with “Special Control” (SC) and “Premium Control” (PC) grades tailored for the healthcare industry.

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