Ed Breen Recognized with Leadership Award for Corporate Reinvention

Article | December 13,2018

The Chemical Marketing and Economics (CME) group of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section honored DowDuPont CEO Ed Breen with its 2018 Leadership Award for Corporate Reinvention. 

At an event held at the New York Metropolitan Club on December 4, Ed was recognized for his leadership with the merger of Dow and DuPont. In selecting Ed for the award, George Rodriguez, Leadership Awards founder and CME Past Chair, noted: “The transformational, bold leadership needed to reshape two legendary portfolios of businesses into three highly focused companies, each with a clear strategy and mission, is a centennial event.”  He added that, “Ed is a highly-respected CEO with a proven record of business ethics, strategic vision, impeccable execution and focus on growth.”

Upon accepting the award, Ed reflected on DuPont’s history of constant evolution and innovation, which led to its most recent transformation – the DowDuPont merger. He discussed the significant value we are unlocking through the upcoming separations and how uniquely positioned the new companies are to win in their respective end markets. He also acknowledged Dow and DuPont employees for the role they have played in growing the businesses and delivering exceptional innovation to the marketplace.  

Ed concluded his remarks by addressing the STEM students in the room and encouraging each of them to tap into their drive to learn and make an impact. He said, “If you do that in science, engineering and technology you will make our companies more robust and viable, our economies more competitive, our planet more sustainable – and you will make an enormously positive difference in people’s lives.”