Expanding Our Commitment to Prevent Plastic From Entering the Environment or Becoming Marine Debris

Article | November 13, 2021
Expanding our commitment to preventing plastic from entering the environment

DuPont joins Operation Clean Sweep® Blue


DuPont has strengthened its sustainability efforts toward zero discharge of plastics into marine and freshwater environments by becoming a member of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) blue. Administered by the American Chemistry Council and the Plastics Industry Association, OCS blue represents an enhanced and voluntary commitment to resin waste reduction efforts that go beyond Operation Clean Sweep, which DuPont joined in 2016.

Site audits; employee awareness; and improved equipment, processes, and procedures will all be included in this important initiative. 

Commitment to action

DuPont has begun the registration process along with implementation of the OCS® blue program requirements for all global sites where plastic handling occurs. Each site has an OCS® blue champion responsible for training, implementing procedures, auditing, and annual reporting. While OCS® blue requirements are confined to the registered facilities that are actively engaged in plastic handling, DuPont will be supporting efforts to educate transportation partners and encourage their participation. The company also will share best practices and report annually the number and volume of incidents of any unrecovered release of plastics that are greater than 0.5 kg per incident in alignment with new global reporting requirements.

Reporting: Zero releases

We are proud to report that there have been no releases in the third quarter 2021. Additional reporting will be featured in the DuPont 2021 Sustainability Report.

For additional information:

Link to press release from late September Operation Clean Sweep®


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