DuPont Response to Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control

DuPont Response to Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control

February 6, 2020


During this time of high demand, our priority is to supply products that help with the prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus where they are most severely needed. 


The DuPont China response team is coordinating directly with the key agencies in China such as CDC, FDA, Shanghai Medicine Group, Ministry of Industrial Information Technology and the U.S. Embassy to ensure we get as much of the needed protective equipment directly to the healthcare workers on the front line, as quickly as possible. We are collaborating with the Chinese government to expand our capacity in China. We have also increased production capacity for protective garments in our manufacturing facilities outside of China, and we’re working with the government to import and distribute them locally. We will continue to work with our entire supply chain as well as the direct responding agencies to coordinate the most efficient ways to get the needed protection to China healthcare workers and public servants. 

DuPont is has donated three types of personal protective garments to the most affected areas through the China Red Cross Foundation, to protect healthcare workers and front-line personnel. DuPont also contributed probiotic products to help regulate and improve immunity. These donated materials have been allocated by the China Red Cross Foundation to the most needed areas. 

For those who would like to contribute to relief efforts, our local teams in China have recommended the following two non-profit organizations: Give2Asia and China Charity Federation.

We are monitoring the Coronavirus closely, and will provide updates on our response as the situation requires. DuPont pays the highest respect to all who have been impacted by this outbreak, and especially to the frontline healthcare workers who are working tirelessly on prevention and control.

For further information about PPE solutions please see: Technical Bulletin – Coronavirus (Covid-19) (PDF)

See information about DuPont efforts to increase supply of PPE in an interview with CNBC:

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