Meet the Enzymes Living in Your House

Article | Dec, 16 2019
Meet the enzymes living in your house | TED@DuPont
Vicky Huang

Applications scientist, DuPont’Nutrition & Biosciences

Enzymes are far more important to our day-to-day lives than we realize. Enzyme scientist Vicky Huang shares how they could help us unlock eco-friendly solutions to everything from food spoilage to household cleaning problems.
Quote of the talk:

“Everywhere in your homes, items you use every day have had a host of engineers and scientists like me working on them and improving them. Just one part of this everyday science is using enzymes to make things more effective, convenient and environmentally sustainable.”

About the Speaker

Vicky Huang
Enzymatic tour guide

Vicky Huang is an applications scientist at DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business, where she works on the innovation and development of enzyme products in the Fabric & Household Care industry. She is passionate about working at the interface of R&D and business through applied science, focusing on translating biotechnology into product development and sustainable consumer solutions.


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The choices we make today, big and small, will impact our world tomorrow. From bread to biofuels, we partner with customers to deliver high-performance, biobased products and solutions that are better, safer, and cleaner.

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