The Incredible Chemistry Powering Your Smartphone

Feb, 10 2020
The incredible chemistry powering your smartphone | TED@DuPont
Cathy Mulzer


Ever wondered how your smartphone works? Take a journey down to the atomic level with scientist Cathy Mulzer, who reveals how almost every component of our high-powered devices exists thanks to chemists - and not the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that come to most people's minds. As she puts it: "Chemistry is the hero of electronic communications."
Quote of the talk:

“The next time you send a text or take a selfie, think about all those atoms that are hard at work and the innovation that came before them.”

About the Speaker

Cathy Mulzer

Cathy Mulzer works on the next generation of materials for all those electronic devices you love: your phone, your TV, your electric car.

As a senior scientist at DuPont’s Electronic & Imaging site in Marlborough, MA, Mulzer is part of a team that works in close collaboration with DuPont’s customers, seeking to innovate in material research and application to enable, for example, new sensors and sharper pictures in your smartphones. Moreover, Mulzer likes to engage in scientific discussions with the wider community -- through presentations and essays organized by the American Chemical Society, through seminars at her alma mater Marist College -- and also as part of outreach at local high schools to raise interest in scientific education. 


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