Industrial Finishing

Expert Industrial Finishing

High-Performing Industrial Finishes for Coating Metal and Plastic Surfaces

DuPont brings a long history of expertise in surface preparation, catalytic and electrolytic metal deposition to the industrial finishing industry. We use our expert knowledge to create products, processes, and finishes that:

  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Provide yield improvement
  • Improve component performance

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Improve the performance of your metal finishes
  • Optimize cost of ownership
  • Work with you to select the ideal combination of materials and treatments
  • Industrial finishing encompasses coatings applied to decorate and protect metal or plastic surfaces using a variety of methods. The applications involve catalytic and electrolytic deposition using rack, barrel, and reel-to-reel methods. End markets include automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, machine tooling, consumer and durable goods.

  • Surfaces need to be properly prepared so that the finishes will adhere well and serve their intended function throughout the lifetime of the part. Surface treatments should be optimized for the condition of the part being coated, the coating material, and expected environmental exposure.

  • Industrial finishes, products and processes must comply with regulations, such as Reach. The list of substances and applications impacted extends across most finishing markets and applications, with new substances being added routinely.

Industrial Finishing Materials

  • Plating on Plastics
  • Tinplate on Steel
  • General Metal Finishing

Plating on Plastics

Surface preparation and metal plating chemistry options for reliable coating of plastic surfaces.

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Tinplate on Steel

Versatile, cost-effective solutions for reliable plating of electrolytic tin on sheet steel.

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Ronastan™ TP-G7 Electrotinning Solution

A sustainable process that offer cost and performance benefits

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General Metal Finishing

High-performing copper, nickel, and chromium coatings for metal surfaces.

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Copper, Nickel, Chrome

Cynaide-free electrolytes with improved metal distribution and lower stress

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Cyanide-free silver electrolytes that meet industry needs

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Surface Preparation

Preparation of the substrates for subsequent electroplating and finishing

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