Electronic Components


Process Solutions for Electronic Components

Process solutions and knowhow to ensure reliable component performance

DuPont brings expertise to all aspects of component finishing, ensuring the reliable performance of electronic components and systems. 

We combine our materials science knowledge with a vast portfolio of plating chemistries to guide customers toward the best choice for their application. Solutions cover:

  • Process solutions for reliable soldered or press-fit connections
  • Surface treatment to enhance adhesion between layers
  • Novel finishes for enhanced contact quality
  • Protection of plated metal surfaces for long-term corrosion resistance
  • Accurate metal placement is enabled with state-of-the-art imaging processes, providing a total process solution and minimizing non-value-added plating 

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Understand the demands of your end market regarding reliability, throughput, and cost
  • Provide a holistic, seamless solution so your components can perform as designed
  • Work with you to select the ideal combination of materials and treatments
  • Electronic components are proliferating in automotive applications, where reliability is especially critical. For datacom/telecom as well as consumer electronics, component miniaturization brings another set of challenges as package dimensions shrink and contact spacing decreases. Migration to 5G networks with higher data transmission rates and high-frequency operation puts additional demands on components.

  • Supporting these industry trends requires component finishing materials and knowhow that ensure excellent component performance in a variety of environments. When optimized for each application, metallization and surface treatments enhance the reliability and functionality of electronic components.


Electronic Components


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