Printed Circuit Board Materials


High-performing materials to enhance PCB reliability for flexible and rigid boards

DuPont brings a deep understanding of materials science to the printed circuit board (PCB) market. We provide materials that support all aspects of PCB manufacturing for many types of PCBs: single- or double-sided boards and flexible, rigid-flex, or rigid configurations.

Tap into our long history as a market leader in flexible PCB laminates, dry film photoresists, and high-reliability metallization to determine the best combination of materials to enhance the performance of your PCBs. We allow you to push the design envelope and create products that perform faster and more reliably.

Our broad portfolio of PCB materials includes films, laminates, photoresists, and metallization. We continue to bring new products to market to create reliable PCBs with increased circuit density that function well under demanding environmental conditions.


Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Get a complete solution, not just materials
  • Enable smaller and smarter PCBs
  • Improve performance and enhance reliability
  • PCB manufacturing involves many steps—depositing metal and photoresist layers, imaging, etching, and stripping—all of which require materials tailored for a specific function. Whether they remain on the board or are removed during the manufacturing process, all PCB materials affect the performance and reliability of the final product.

  • The drive toward miniaturization in the consumer electronics and telecom sectors requires PCBs with higher circuit density, which puts greater demands on the metal and dielectric layers as line widths and spacings decrease. Choosing the right materials improves yield and controls manufacturing costs.

    PCBs in automotive applications must operate reliably under conditions of high temperature and high voltage, where signal integrity is critical for safety. As the number of boards and components in vehicles increases, more function must be packed into a smaller space, elevating the importance of materials that enable compact, highly reliable designs.


Printed Circuit Board Materials

  • Metallization for Printed Circuit Boards

    Reliable metallization for high-performing flexible and rigid PCBs.

    DuPont’s longstanding expertise in electroless copper plating is an excellent match for the demands of flexible circuits built with polyimide.

    Our highly conformal copper plating will enable any HDI design to perform well.

    Copper plating solutions for substrates in all types of advanced packages.

    Metallization to enable high-performance rigid PCBs.

  • Laminates

    Laminate materials to enable the highest performing flexible and rigid-flex PCBs

    Superior bond strength and flexibility for high volume applications

    DuPont adhesiveless all polyimide copper clad flexible laminates (CCL) are available in a wide variety of copper types, thicknesses and construction options.

    Our family of epoxy-based adhesive solutions offers superior peel strength, chemical, and heat resistance.

    DuPont’s family of fluoropolymer adhesive solutions delivers superior performance in high-speed and high frequency applications.

    Interra® thin copper clad laminates for embedded capacitance.
  • Polyimide Films

    From circuits in cameras in space to next-gen photovoltaic cells, polyimide films are helping make extraordinary new design possibilities actually happen.



    These films with thermal conductivity of 0.45 W/m·K can be used alone or combined with other materials as a laminate for added functionality. Kapton® MT film comes in a variety of thicknesses, even as thin as a little over 25µm.

    These films with superior thermal conductivity of 0.8 W/m·K are available as thin as 38 µm up to 127 µm. Lowers operating temperature by 20–45°C in e-motors as a NKN slot liner. Increases power output by 10-30% for PTC heaters.

    Maintains its unique combination of mechanical properties under the harshest of conditions.
  • Circuit Imaging Materials

    Our portfolio of products is specifically engineered to enable PCB fabricators to easily achieve higher yields and greater productivity, even with today's most challenging designs.

    The advanced solution for tall copper pillar process in advanced packaging application.

    Used in tenting, plating, akaline etching or innerlayer applications.

    The advanced solution for fine line FPC design.

    The advanced dry film photoresist for fine line HDI.

    The advanced fine line direct imaging photoresist solution for IC substrate application.

    Next Generation T/E and P/E direct imaging photoresist.

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