Display Materials


Display Materials

Materials: The Heart of Display Innovation

As the electronic display market continues to evolve, consumer demand is pushing manufacturers to develop higher-quality, brighter, more flexible and adaptable screens, for applications ranging from handheld devices and smartphones to large-format TVs to the automotive, signage and many other markets.

DuPont is a leading supplier of innovative materials and processes that enable enhancements to advanced flat-panel display (FPD), liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technologies. By putting science to work, we can help you succeed with innovative and sustainable solutions that improve performance while reducing your manufacturing costs for electronic displays.

Examples include:

  • OLED materials and process technologies designed to enable cost-effective OLED TVs and future OLED lighting applications, e.g., red, green and blue emissive materials
  • Pigmented dispersions used to manufacture LCD color filter plates
  • DuPont Vertak™ optical bonding technologies for more durable LCD and touch screens

Our functional surface coatings bond to the surface of glass and select plastic or metal-oxide surfaces, forming a transparent durable thin film that provides excellent resistance to water, oil, stains and abrasion, with reduced friction that makes the coated surface easy to clean.

We are also focused on supporting and enabling emerging display technologies:

  • Flexible displays require advanced polyimides to become truly ubiquitous. In addition, our polyimide films and liquids, we are developing hard coat materials and impact-protecting elastomeric materials to address this market demand.

For the finest in quality and innovation, look no further than the DuPont family of display materials.


Display Materials

  • OLED Display Materials

    OLED display materials comprise a range of lightweight and flexible organic materials essential to the manufacture of OLED-based displays.

  • Display Process Chemicals

    Display process chemicals are specialty materials used in advanced liquid crystal display (LCD) processes for premium high-resolution TVs.

  • Flexible Displays

    Flexible displays are made using flexible materials instead of traditional rigid glasses to accommodate a variety of flexible form factors – they can be curved, bended, folded or rolled.

  • Optically Clear Resin (OCR) - Vertak®

    Vertak® bonding technology enhances display performance by improving sunlight readability and impact and scratch resistance

  • Display Assembly Materials

    Display assemblies materials, used for sealing, adhering, protecting or connecting components in a display, are suited for current rigid and future flexible displays.

  • Functional Surface Coatings

    The low surface energy of our functional coatings means reduced friction, making the coated substrate very easy to clean.


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