Silver and Silver Alloy Electroplating Products for Connectors


DuPont Interconnect Solutions offers innovative cyanide-free electrolytic silver products for the Connector market. These products can be used to reduce or replace gold plating.


Silveron™ GT-101 Bright Silver

Silveron™ GT-101 Bright Silver is an alkaline non-cyanide pure silver electroplating product designed to produce bright silver deposits for various applications. The product can be used in conventional plating equipment and high-speed reel-to-reel, jet or wire plating equipment. The silver deposits can be applied to both copper and nickel alloy substrates.

Silveron™ GT-210 High Durability Silver

Silveron™ GT-210 High Durability Silver is a non-cyanide silver electrolyte producing a unique deposit exhibiting very low coefficient of friction and very low wear characteristics, while retaining excellent contact resistance, and electrical and thermal conductivity. These features make it an ideal solution for many high speed and high power electrical and electronic applications.

Silveron™ GT-820 Silver-Tin

Silveron™ GT-820 Silver Tin is an acidic non-cyanide silver-tin electroplating process designed to produce an 80:20 tin-silver alloy. This deposit is ideal for press-fit connector applications due to the low coefficient of friction, low insertion force and high retention force. The product can be used in conventional plating equipment at low or high-speed operations.


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