General Metal Finishing


General Metal Finishing

Copper, Nickel, and Chromium Coatings

DuPont's unique combination of products and knowledge across preparation, imaging, and plating brings novel solutions for metal parts.We maintain an extensive portfolio of products for metal finishing, including surface preparation cleaners and activators as well as electroless and electrolytic metal plating. Our wide range of imaging products offers novel selective processing (etching, plating, etc.) for applications ranging from inkjet to electrophoretic coating.

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Provide products and processes to meet all your metal finishing requirements
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, including Reach
  • Drive improved performance and reduced cost of ownership
  • General metal finishing is a very broad industry, covering the chemical treatment and finishing of metal substrates, and adding decorative or functional layers to the base metal substrate. Such finishes are used in various applications including automotive, consumer, and industrial products.


General Metal Finishing Products

  • Surface Preparation

    Preparation of the substrates for subsequent electroplating and finishing

  • Electroplating Solutions

    Cynaide-free electrolytes with improved metal distribution and lower stress

  • Electroless Nickel

    Duraposit™ Electroless Nickel solutions, for low, medium and high phosporous alloy solutions

  • Post Treatment


    SOLDERGUARD™ 100 Additive Protecting tin solderability
    NO TARN SG-2 tarnish protection for silver
    NEUTRA RINSE 80 prolongs tin plated component shelf life
    PORE BLOCKER 200 impedes corrosion on gold plated components
    CUPROTEC™ copper antitarnish solutions


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