IC Substrates


Metallization for IC Substrates

Copper plating solutions to enable reliable IC packaging

DuPont's wealth of metallization options allows us to provide you with a metallization that will be compatible with your chosen dielectric. We keep up with trends in IC packaging and understand the need for cost-effective solutions that enhance package reliability. DuPont offers:

  • Desmear surface treatments that promote better adhesion
  • Electroless copper seed deposition to make the dielectric layer conductive
  • Electrolytic plating for via fill, copper pillar, and redistribution layers (RDL)

We specialize in pure copper plating for more reliable interconnect on substrates for ball grid arrays (BGA) and chip scale packages (CSP). High throwing power leads to excellent thickness distribution. Even coverage over substrates with complex geometry ensures the highest degree of reliability.


Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to give you:

  • The wet chemistry advantage of low cost and high performance
  • A choice of standard plating options or individualized recipes tailored to optimize your device performance
  • A complete solution for all IC substrate metallization needs

Supporting IC Substrate Development with Advanced Materials Technology 


Metallization Materials for PCBs


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