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DuPont Joins Semiconductor Climate Consortium as a Founding Member

DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced it has joined the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC) as a Founding Member. The SCC is an outgrowth of the SEMI Sustainability Initiative, and is the first global, ecosystem-wide effort to advance the semiconductor industry’s response to the challenge of climate change.

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Dupont launches Chinese-language regional website for Dupont™ Liveo™ Healthcare Solution brand

DuPont has announced the launch new DuPont™ Liveo™ Healthcare Solutions regional website serving Greater China. The company actively has expanded its global footprint – with the new website being the latest development – to better serve customers in China and around the world.

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DuPont Pyralux® AP to Aid Reliable Performance of Semikron-Danfoss eMPack® Modules Powering Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

DuPont (NYSE:DD) Interconnect Solutions, part of the Electronics & Industrial business, announced today a multiyear contract with European power module manufacturer Semikron-Danfoss who will integrate DuPont™ Pyralux® AP all-polyimide double-sided copper clad laminate into its eMPack® power modules to further enhance the capabilities of next-gen electric vehicles.

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DuPont Showcases DuroptixTM Products at GILE2022 with Debut of its Chinese Name “杜乐新”

DuPont highlights its DuroptixTM products, highly reliable silicone materials solutions for commercial and automotive lighting applications, Mini/Micro LED as well announces its Chinese brand name for the first time.

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DuPont Technology at the Forefront of Next-gen Lithium-ion Batteries

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, scientists and engineers are working on new battery designs to increase the range of these vehicles, while reducing the dependence on scarce metals such as copper and aluminum.

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DuPont to Present Webinar on Insulation and Wire Wrap Systems for Next Gen eMotors

Through a partnership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), DuPont will present a webinar on advanced insulation and wire wrap systems for 800V+ next generation eMotors. The online tutorial will be held on September 14, 2022

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New Laird Performance Materials’ Products Enabling Complex Designs

Known globally for helping to resolve significant design issues, Laird Performance Materials (Laird)—now part of the DuPont family—this year has launched new products that tackle heat transfer and EMI suppression challenges

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Renovated Pilot Lab at Dayuan Site Enables Next-Generation Interconnect Technology Development

Innovation is critical to growth and industry development. DuPont Interconnect Solutions is well known for offering high-performance, high-reliability metallization

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Supporting IC Substrate Development with Advanced Materials Technology

Packaging has become critical to chip technology, and the IC substrate market, which has become irreplaceable, is fundamentally determined by semiconductor package technology

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DuPont Opens New Kapton® and Pyralux® Production Line in Circleville, Ohio

$250 Million Capital Investment Expands Supply of Innovative DuPont Materials to Meet Growing Global Demand

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DuPont Interconnect Solutions Announces Energy Surcharge

Energy surcharge for films, laminates, metallization chemistries, and Laird Performance Materials products

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Webb Space Telescope with DuPont Kapton® Polyimide Film Sunshield to Start Work

A month following it’s Christmas Day 2021 launch, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is in the final phase of its preparations to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

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New Production Line Completed in Circleville, Ohio

DuPont Interconnect Solutions, a business within the Electronics & Industrial segment, has announced it has completed the expansion project at its Circleville, Ohio manufacturing site.

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DuPont To Launch Pyralux® HP Laminate Adhesive System for High-Performance Electronics

DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS), a business within the Electronics & Industrial segment, will introduce the Pyralux® HP laminate adhesive system at the 2022 Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) APEX Exposition to be held in San Diego, CA from January 25 - 27, 2022.

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DuPont Interconnect Solutions Achieves 95 Percent Renewable Electricity Milestone

This represents a significant step forward on DuPont’s corporate Acting on Climate commitment to source 60 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and deliver carbon neutral operations by 2050.

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DuPont and Kempur Microelectronics Announce Collaboration

The collaboration will leverage the strengths of both DuPont and Kempur to address industry needs for advanced photoresists and other lithographic materials.

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DuPont to Introduce Novel Metallization and Finishing Solutions at SUR/FIN Show

DuPont to Introduce Novel Metallization and Finishing Solutions at SUR/FIN Show

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DuPont Adds Boric Acid-Free Electrolytic Nickel to its Family of Plating Chemistries

Enhanced safety chemistry delivers smooth surface morphology and excellent thickness uniformity for under-bump metallization

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Three DuPont Technologists Recognized with Industry Honors for Advancements in Semiconductor Materials

DuPont’s Aqad, Alsbaiee and Sim receive noteworthy recognitions in 2021.

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DuPont Highlights Circuit Materials Innovations at 2021 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

DuPont is well positioned to address the megatrends and presents a broad product portfolio designed for fine-line applications.

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DuPont Completes Acquisition of Laird Performance Materials

DuPont today announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Laird Performance Materials, a world leader in high-performance electromagnetic shielding and thermal management solutions.

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DuPont Interconnect Solutions Announces Price Increase

Prices increase for select films, laminates and metallization chemistries products.

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DuPont and Tecore Synchem Announce Collaboration

Strengthening cooperation between DuPont and Tecore to bring jointly validated optical grade epoxy for fine pitch direct view RGB LED packaging applications globally

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New DuPont Production Line in Circleville, Ohio Slated for Completion in Second Half of 2021

Investment will expand production of Kapton® polyimide film and Pyralux® flexible circuit materials to meet growing global demand.

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ITRI and DuPont Jointly Inaugurate Semiconductor Materials Laboratory

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and DuPont Electronics & Imaging celebrates the opening of a new semiconductor materials laboratory in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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New DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Film Addresses the Impact of Faster Voltage Rise (dv/dt) on Motor Insulation

Kapton® ECRC polyimide film provides an eight-fold improvement over standard polyimide films for insulating the conductors found in high-performance traction motors.

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DuPont Receives Prestigious Global Supplier Award 2020 from TTM

DuPont Interconnect Solutions received the 2020 Global Supplier Award from TTM (Time-To-Market), one of the world’s leading Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabricators.

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DuPont Expands Territories for Interconnect Solutions Distributor

DuPont announced that it is expanding its territory for East Coast Electronic Materials Supply LLC (ECEMS) to support its Riston® dry film product line in Eastern Canada.

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Bryan Barton Named Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecturer

Bryan Barton, Ph.D., has been named The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecturer

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging Receives Supplier Award from Nanya Technology

DuPont has been recognized by Nanya for delivering advanced lithography materials as well as exceptional service to support Nanya’s emerging technology processes.

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New Metallization Offerings for High-Density Interconnect Applications

These next-generation technologies are designed for fine-line HDI applications and deliver both high reliability and improved productivity.

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Generations of Innovation in CMP Pads Recognized with Heroes of Chemistry Award

Representatives from DuPont Electronics & Imaging to receive American Chemical Society Award for innovation in semiconductor materials

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DuPont Scientists Named 2020 Heroes of Chemistry

DuPont Innovations Recognized by American Chemical Society for Enabling the Semiconductor Revolution and Access to Safer Drinking Water

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DuPont Taiwan Receives National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award

Environmental Protection Administration recognizes DuPont Hsinchu Manufacturing and Technology Site for corporate social responsibility.

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Sang-Ho Kang Named Global Business Director for Semiconductor Technologies in DuPont Electronics & Imaging

Semiconductor Technologies is a global leader in materials for the integrated circuit fabrication market.

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging completes new plant in Cheonan in Korea to produce liquid polyimide for flexible display substrates

New plant designed to meet fast-growing demand for liquid PI for flexible display substrates.

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Three Talented DuPont Employees Named to Delaware 40 Under 40 List

Delaware Business Times Recognizes DuPont Electronics & Imaging’s Murali Theivanayagam, Sandhya Thiyagarajan and Lea Williams on 2019 DBT40 List

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging Divests Compound Semiconductor Solutions Business to SK Siltron

DuPont today announced it has signed an agreement to sell its Compound Semiconductor Solutions (CSS) business to SK Siltron, based in South Korea.

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DuPont Introduces New Cleaning Chemistries for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication

DuPont’s EKC Technology portfolio expands with novel formulations for post-CMP cleaning and post-etch residue removal to support advanced semiconductor fabrication.

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DuPont Unveils Smart Conference Table

DuPont Electronics & Imaging announced today it is introducing a first-of-its-kind Smart Conference Table, a complete communications solution for collaborative spaces.

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging's Mingqi Li to Receive AAEOY Engineer of the Year Award

DuPont Electronics & Imaging is proud to announce that Mingqi Li, Ph.D., principal research scientist, has been selected by the Asian American Engineer of the Year Award (AAEOY) program as one of the recipients of its 2019 Engineer of the Year Award.

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DuPont to Invest in New Production Assets for Kapton® and Pyralux®

The expansion to meet growing market demand in automotive, consumer electronics, telecom and defense.

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China R&D Center Enhances Lab Capabilities to Support Customers with Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Processes

The lab expansion will be used to provide timely service to local customers such as CMP pad analysis to help them optimize their production processes.

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Peter Trefonas Inducted into National Academy of Engineering

Trefonas was recognized for his significant inventions in photoresist materials and microlithography methods that underpin multiple generations of semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging’s Bryan Barton & Elaine Masser Honored Among Delaware’s Top Young Professionals

Each year, Delaware Business Times organizes the DBT40 awards, a carefully curated group of 40 of Delaware’s brightest and most accomplished early career professionals, all under the age of 40.

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DuPont Electronics & Imaging Opens Technology Center to Support Innovation in Silicon Valley

The Technology Center will serve as a hub for the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division businesses to tackle customer challenges with applications support, rapid prototyping, and more.

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Dow Electronic Materials Expands Its Asia CMP Manufacturing and Technical Center in Hsinchu

The expansion adds capacity for the production of CMP polishing pads and adds the ability to create new products, such as advanced CMP pads targeting very specific customer requests.

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Peter Trefonas Elected SPIE Fellow

Peter Trefonas, Ph.D., corporate fellow, has recently been elected a Fellow of SPIE, for achievements in design for manufacturing and compact modeling.

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DuPont Litho Technologies Receives SMIC's Best Technical Supplier Award

China's largest semiconductor foundry recognizes the team's commitment to customer satisfaction.

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DuPont Awarded Expanded Global Patents for Kapton® Matte Black Film and Coverlay

DuPont announced today that it has expanded its worldwide patent estate related to DuPont™ Kapton® black polyimide film, and DuPont™ Pyralux® black flexible circuit materials.

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James Thackeray Named SPIE fellow

Dr. Thackeray was named SPIE Fellow for his achievements in lithography materials development over the past decade, many of which have helped enable Moore’s law.

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