DuPont to Introduce Novel Metallization and Finishing Solutions at SUR/FIN Show

Advanced process solutions deliver performance, cost and sustainability advantages in traditional and emerging applications

WILMINGTON, Del.,  Oct. 7, 2021 – DuPont (NYSE:DD) will showcase its novel process solutions for plastic metallization and component finishing at SUR/FIN 2021, a conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the surface technology industry. The show will be held from November 2-4, 2021. The DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS) business, part of DuPont Electronics & Industrial, will exhibit at Booth #538, Exhibition Hall B, at the TCF Center in Detroit, MI.

The major global markets that utilize plastic metallization and component finishing processes are in a period of significant change, where substitution of mature process technology is driving innovation and opportunity, as well as the demand for improved performance, cost and elimination of toxic substances.

DuPont ICS has responded to these dynamics and will showcase several novel products during SUR/FIN 2021, designed to satisfy high performance demands, while providing operational, cost and environmental advantages. These include:

  • Ecoposit™ CF-800 chrome-free etch, a REACH-compliant pretreatment for ABS and ABS-PC plastic metallization.
  • Ecoposit™ HT 95 High throw, low stress acid copper, designed for optimum performance with chrome-free pretreatment.
  • Ecoposit™ XF 1000, a formaldehyde-free, uniquely stable electroless copper, enabling replacement of electroless nickel and strike, thereby eliminating phosphates, borates and ammonia.
  • Nikal™ BF 100, a high-performance boric acid-free nickel electrolyte that produces corrosion resistance improvement, with high throw, higher CD range and reduced deposit stress.
  • Ronastan™ NPH-100, a neutral pH electrolytic tin designed for passive component terminals and pH sensitive dielectrics.
  • Silveron™ GT-210, a cyanide-free silver electrolyte producing deposits exhibiting very low friction and wear characteristics.
  • Solderon™ ST-400 high speed matte tin, providing 40% higher plating speed, simplified packaging and analysis, with superior electrolyte stability and deposit performance.  
  • Teleposit™ 8000, designed to metallize filled and unfilled LCP substrates, enabling consistent metal coverage and adhesion without the use of abrasive mechanical techniques.

In addition to showcasing these products at SUR/FIN 2021, DuPont scientist Michael Lipschutz will offer two presentations as part of the show’s technical conference. The first paper, Highly Reliable Matte Tin Process for Electronic and Industrial Finishing, will be offered on Tuesday, November 2nd at 9:00 AM. The second presentation, RONALLOY™ GT-300 Electrolytic White Bronze: A Cyanide-free, Lead-free Alternative to Technical Nickel Deposits, will be offered at 4:30 PM on November 2nd.

DuPont Electronics & Industrial brings a unique depth and breadth of knowledge, applications and technical expertise, and product portfolio to address customers’ needs for connectivity today and in the future. Our drive to provide our customers with industry-leading innovation is complimented by large scale, best-in-class manufacturing capability, and a team of scientists with deep materials science expertise to make next generation technology a reality for our customers. With research centers and manufacturing operations located close to our customers in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, we pride ourselves on a customer-centric view to ensure we support our customers’ success.

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