Oasis® Composite Films

Oasis® Composite Films


Excellent Balance of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Resistance Properties Well-Suited for Wire and Cable

DuPont™ Oasis® composite film is a family of heat sealable fluoropolymer-coated polyimide materials that are designed specifically to meet the demands of the aerospace and cable industry.

The balance of properties offered by DuPont™ Oasis® composite film makes this material an excellent candidate for use in airframe, hookup and general-purpose aircraft wires.

Oasis® films are coated on both sides with fluoropoymer coatings designed to fit the specific needs of the wire and cable industry. Oasis® composite films are compatible with wire construction containing tin, silver, and nickel plated conductors. These products can also be used in wire designs calling for copper conductors.


Oasis® composite Films

  • Oasis® 200TRT515

    Oasis® 200TRT515

    This film possesses excellent bonding characteristics to itself and to other fluoropolymer-containing materials, while providing low adhesion to metal conductors

  • Oasis® 120TWT561

    Oasis® 120TWT561

    This is a heat sealable composite film that is made using DuPont high strength polyimide film and fluoropolymer designed to meet the light weight wire requirements.