Plating on Plastics (POP)

Plating on plastics (POP) technology embraces many of Dow Electronic Materials’ specialty product areas, with catalytic deposition of nickel or copper seed layers, followed by electrolytic buildup of protective and decorative finishes.

The design, weight and cost benefits of POP are utilized in decorative and functional applications from consumer to aerospace.

Replacement of toxic hexavalent chromium with novel alternatives, as well as replacing nickel in drinking water and human contact products ensures the sustainability of POP solutions while reducing the potential harm to humans and the environment.

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Preparation of the base plastic for optimal coverage and adhesion provides the basis for subsequent performance of the plated article

Dow’s expertise in high performance colloidal catalysts and stable electroless copper and nickel provide high yielding pre-treatment of ABS and ABS-PC blends. Other polymers, such as PA are also plateable using the unique ADDIPOSIT™ plating process.

Meanwhile, in response to the regulatory changes affecting the plating on plastic (POP) industry, Dow has developed ECOPOSIT™ CF-800 chromium-free etch (CFE) and the related pre-treatment. Our customers who plate Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) as part of their POP manufacturing work flow now have a way to eliminate the use of hexavalent chromium before the September 21, 2017 sunset date set by REACH.

Download the Presentation: ECOPOSIT™ CF-800 chromium-free etch

Electroplate (Copper, Nickel, Chromium)

Electrodeposited copper provides the strength and levelling of the substrate onto which nickel and chrome provide the subsequent corrosion protection and decorative finish

  • COPPER GLEAM™ DL-900 Bright Copper
  • COPPER GLEAM™ HGX Bright Copper
  • NICKEL GLEAM™ SB-200 Semi-Bright Nickel
  • NICKEL GLEAM™ BR-220 Bright Nickel
  • CHROME GLEAM™ 3C Trivalent White Chromium
  • CHROME GLEAM™ 3C Jet Trivalent Dark Chromium
  • CHROME GLEAM™ Post Dip