General Metal Finishing

Surface Preparation


Preparation of the substrates for subsequent electroplating and finishing is a critical step requiring careful product selection.

Ronaclean™ DLF Cleaner    Soak or electrolytic cleaner
Ronaclean™ NP-200 Cleaner    Phosphate free soak or electrolytic cleaner
Ronasalt™ 369 Activator
  Soak or electrolytic oxide removal and surface
Actronal™ 660 Activator   Acidic descaler
Activator 1424 Activator   Activator for steel and nickel
Ronatab Acid Activator PC-1   Immersion mode acid activator for nickel
Duraprep™ 520 Activator   Alkaline cyanide free zincate for aluminium