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Tape Automated Bonding

Tape Automated Bonding

Immersion Tin for TAB and COF Manufacturing

DuPont is a leading supplier of immersion tin for tape automated bonding (TAB) manufacturing. Immersion tin plating is an essential component in the TAB process. DuPont's immersion tin provides:

  • Excellent bath stability
  • Long bath life
  • Low cost of ownership

Tape Automated Bonding Materials

  • Immersion Tin Products for TAB/COF
  • Ancillaries for TAB/COF

Immersion Tin Products for TAB/COF

Immersion tin products providing exceptional performance with low running cost

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Tinposit™ LT-34K Immersion Tin

A tin deposition product that produces uniform, smooth tin deposits on copper and copper-based alloys

Ancillaries for TAB/COF

Supporting products for pre-and-post treatment to enhance the performance of the TAB/COF products

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