AR™ 201 Organic Gap Filling Material


AR™ 201 Organic Gap Filling Material

AR™ 201 is an organic gap filling material. It can fill extremely narrow trench without voids and provides an excellent solution for advanced devices with FinFET structures. AR™ 201 can also work as an anti-reflectant and reduce reflectivity for KrF and ArF processes.


  • Optimal n&k values for hyper numerical aperture (NA) exposure
  • High etch rate
  • Good compatibility with resist
  • Excellent coating property
  • Good EBR/RRC solvent compatibility


  • Improves critical dimension uniformity (CDU)
  • Improves lithographic process margins
  • Improves etch process margins

Figure 1: Gap Fill at High Aspect Ratio Topography: Aspect Ratio=10


Conventional SOC


AR™ 201

Figure 2: Excellent Gap Fill and Planarization


Figure 3: AR™ 201 Lithographic Performance at 200 nm 1:1 L/S


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