ArF Dry Resist


ArF Dry Resist

DuPont's positive tone ArF (193 nm) dry photoresists have been optimized for trench and line and space (L/S) applications through pitch.


  • 90 nm 1:1 line and space
  • 90 nm ISO line


  • Very large process window at various pitches
  • Excellent profile
  • Good ID bias
  • Good etch resistance

1a: 90 nm L/90 nm S

90 nm ISO L


 Figure 1: 170 nm on AR™ 26N/AR™ 4124 Fast Etch, 0.93NA, Ann. s: 0.72/0.49 , PSM     mask, SB/PEB=125°C/110°C, PS=27.4mJ


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