ArF Immersion Contact Hole Resists


ArF Immersion Contact Hole Resists

DuPont's positive tone 193 nm immersion resists have an excellent process window, critical dimension (CD) uniformity and low defectivity. They can also reduce process costs as use of a topcoat is not required.


  • 65 nm / 120 nm pitch dense contact hole
  • 65 nm / 180 nm pitch semi-dense contact hole
  • 65 nm ISO contact hole


  • Excellent DOF margin
  • Excellent CD uniformity
  • Low defectivity
  • Topcoat-free process
  • Excellent profile shape

65nm DOM (66nm/120P)

65nm DOM (66nm/180P)

65nm DOM (70nm/500P)

Image Component

Figure 1: 120 nm on AR™ 26N/AR™ 4124 Fast Etch, 1.3NA, Ann 0.95/0.6, Binary Mask, SB/PEB=90°C/85°C


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