Bump Plating Photoresists


Liquid and Dry Film Resists for Advanced Packaging Applications

DuPont Electronics & Industrial offers positive- and negative-tone photoresists designed to meet the tight pitches and varied topographies of today’s advanced wafer level packaging, MEMS, and 3D photolithography applications.

Designed to prevent metals from leaching into the photoresists, they are compatible with plating chemistries in a variety of metals including copper, pure tin, and nickel. Our chemically-amplified and conventional formulations in both dry and liquid photoresist versions feature:

  • Excellent resolution for high aspect ratio
  • Excellent conformal properties
  • 30-80 µm thickness coverage range
  • Easy removal after plating

Liquid Bump Photoresists

Liquid photoresists are best suited to wafer-level processes. They are spin-coated, baked, exposed, developed, and then stripped.

Product Lines:

  • INTERVIA™ BCPR-i 4500
  • Shipley BPR™ 100

Dry Bump Photoresists

Dry bump photoresists are suited to applications requiring thicker films. They are also better choices than liquid for panel-level packaging.

Product Lines:

  • WLP Series
  • WBR and WB Series
  • MX Series
  • Bump plating photoresist technology was developed to meet today’s requirement of tighter bump pitches for advanced wafer level packaging processes as the semiconductor industry moves from plating bumps to smaller pillars.

    Photolithography is used to image bump and copper pillar patterns prior to electroplating, which requires photoresist chemistries that are formulated to image at tighter pitches.


Bump Plating Photoresists


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