Circuposit™ 484 Black Oxide


Circuposit™ 484 Oxide is the most widely used black oxide product world-wide to promote innerlayer adhesion of copper in multi-layer circuit board fabrication. This product works well for both traditional applications and also for direct laser drilling applications for HDI PCB fabrication.

For Traditional Applications, in combination with PC Oxide Convertor:
Key Benefits:

  • Applicable to wide range of laminate materials
  • Excellent performance on high layer count applications
  • High peel strength on high Tg epoxy laminate
  • High stability for ease of control
  • Long bath life


For HDI Applications:
Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with Direct Laser Drilling process
  • Simplified HDI process, cost effective solution
  • Excellent microvia shape after hole formation
  • Reduced failure due to hole registration issues
  • Improved microvia yield rates

Improved Wetting of Resin, Higher Adhesion

Before Converter 

After Converter
(Reduced Oxide) 


Excellent Microvia Shape


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