Circuposit™ 7800 Vertical Desmear Process for SAP


As the surface roughness of dielectric materials continues to reduce to meet the needs of next generation finer width and space patterns, it becomes more difficult to deliver uniform roughening of the low profile surface.

Circuposit™ 7800 Desmear process is an easy to control 3-step process, specially formulated to apply to newer generations of dielectric materials to improve the adhesion of the subsequent metal layer.

Key Benefits:

  • Process specifically optimized for SAP applications
  • Uniform roughness on low profile surface
  • Excellent via-bottom cleaning
  • Compatible with existing equipment
  • Excellent adhesion and reliability when used with the Circuposit™ Electroless Copper process

Surface Morphology


SiO2 content: 63wt%
Ra: 0.3-0.4um


SiO2 content: 50wt%
Ra: 0.1-0.2um


SiO2 content: 72wt%
Ra: 0.1-0.2um


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