Copper Gleam™ HV-101 & HV-606 Electrolytic Copper


Copper Gleam™ HV-101 and HV-606 electrolytic coppers are the latest offerings for panel plating in Vertical-in-Line equipment. They deliver high plating efficiency to improve productivity and reduce cost.

The Copper Gleam™ HV-606 bath has been developed to work with insoluble anodes to deliver high plating performance at high current densities.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent throwing power on through-holes and microvias
  • Exceptional panel plating distribution
  • Exceptional leveling performance on panel surface and inside through holes
  • Round plated shape on via bottom
  • Good thermal reliability

                                             Excellent Throwing Power

Exceptional levelling


Ideal Microvia
Bottom Shape


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