Dual Damascene Copper


Dual Damascene Products for Advanced Semiconductor Nodes

DuPont Electronics & Industrial is a leading supplier of dual damascene copper products for the semiconductor manufacturing industry

For more than 10 years, leading-edge semiconductor manufacturers have relied upon DuPont Electronics & Industrial dual damascene products for achieving semiconductor technology nodes below 20 nm. With proven performance in high-volume manufacturing, our chemistry can achieve void-free bottom-up filling without overburden. What's our secret?

  • A three-component material comprises an accelerator, suppressor, and leveler to control the filling process
  • Low-doping copper to prevent stress and electro migration
  • Formulated to meet requirements for 20-45 nm and <20 nm

Product Lines:

  • ULTRAFILL™ 5001

  • ULTRAFILL™ 6001

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to:

  • Get a complete solution, not just materials.
  • Tap into years of expertise and technology from across Electronics & Industrial
  • Benefit from development that stays ahead of the industry trend
  • Dual damascene copper is a class of metallization materials designed to support the dual damascene patterning process, a common technology used in semiconductor wafer processes to create the circuitry between the transistors on a chip. After depositing a dielectric to create the circuitry pattern on the wafer, dual damascene copper is used to fill the trenches and create the interconnects.

  • As the semiconductor industry continues to shrink technology nodes, it relies on dual damascene copper to meet tight requirements to achieve finer feature sizes in the circuitry, in accordance with Moore's Law. Today's dual damascene copper material needs to:

    • Demonstrate optimal filling performance
    • Eliminate potential for overburden
    • Achieve void-free fill
    • Prevent stress and electro migration

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